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Hornafjörður is a blooming community in the realm of the greatest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull. It is a geographically large municipality, covering 260 kilometers of the south-eastern shoreline, but the population is just over 2200 inhabitants.

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The southern part of Vatnajökull National Park is located in the community and the scenery from the town of Höfn and the countryside is breathtaking.

Fishing is the largest industry in Hornafjordur municipality, but it is also an agricultural area. The growth of Höfn in the 20th century, from a small village to today's town, is caused by the diverse and strong fishing industry. The name, Höfn, actually means harbour. The catch includes the high-value Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus), but a good part of the Icelandic lobster catch is landed and processed in Höfn. The lobster plays an important role in the towns‘ image, where the annual „Lobster festival“ is celebrated each summer.  

Tourism is a growing industry in Hornafjordur municipality. It offers diverse accommodation, restaurants and shopping. Hornafjordur is a great base for discovering Vatnajökull National Park, and also offers activities for the whole family. A few to mention are a 9 hole golf course in beautiful surroundings, a swimming pool, hiking trails, museums and a glacier exhibition.

Public Services

District Commissioner and Police

District commissioner office and police station are located at Hafnarbraut 36, Höfn. The District Commissioner grants various permits and certificates, including residence permits, passports, driver's licenses, permits for operations of restaurants, guesthouses, bars and more. For more information see www.syslumenn.is. The opening hours of the District Commissioner‘s office are from 09:00 – 12:00 and 12:30 – 15:30. Tel: 478 1366. The police can be contacted at all hours. Tel: 470 6145.   

Town Offices

The town offices of the municipality Hornafjörður are located in Hornarfjörður Council Building at Hafnarbraut 27. The offices provide general service for locals and others. There can also be found advisors for all departments of the administration: Financial Department, Technology- & Environmental Department, Welfare Department and School & Leisure Department. A change of residence has to be reported to the town offices and a personal identification number can be applied there for foreign residents.

Town offices are open from 09:00 – 12:00 and 12:45 – 15:00. Tel: 470 8000 Website: www.hornafjordur.is/stjornsysla/

Welfare Services

The goal of the municipalital welfare service is to ensure the financial security of residents, and promote the welfare of residents of the basis of mutual aid. During the process of the service the individual is encouraged to responsibility, strengthen self-reliance and respect his or hers self-determination. The legal residents of Hornafjörður have the right to welfare assistance. The welfare service is located in the Council Building, Hafnarbraut 27. Same opening hours as the town offices.

Direct lines to the welfare service: Welfare director. Tel: 470 8004, emergency number for child care services is 112. Education director. Tel: 470 8002 .

Health Services

Good access is to general health and dental services. Experts in various medical fields work on regular basis for the Health Clinic of Höfn. Further information at. The Health Clinic is located on Víkurbraut 31 and is open from 08:00 – 16:00 every week day. A doctor's appointment has to be made by calling 470 8600 during the opening hours of the clinic. If you want to make use of the services of an interpreter during a visit to the doctor, please let the receptionist know when you make an appointment.

For an emergency call The Emergency Hotline 112. The dental service is provided by Héðinn Sigurðsson dentist. The dental clinic is at Víkurbraut 4. Tel: 478 2033.


The Kindergarten

The municipality has two kindergartens, Lönguhólar at Kirkjubraut is three department kindergarten for children aged 1-6. It is open from 07:45 – 16:15. Tel: 470 8490. Further information at www.leikskolinn.is/longuholar. Krakkakot at Víkurbraut 26 is three department kindergarten for children aged 1-6. It is open from 07:45 – 16:15. Tel: 470 8480. Further information at: www.leikskolinn.is/krakkakot.

The Primary School

Hornafjörður Primary School operates in two separate buildings. In Hafnarskóli at Svalbarð 6, for students in grade 1 – 6. The school is open from 7:50 – 15:30. Tel: 470 8430. E-mail: grunnskoli@hornafjordur.is.

The other is in Heppuskóli at Víkurbraut for students in grade 7 – 10. The school is open from 7:50 – 15:30. Tel: 4708410. Further information at: 


Hofgarður Primary School is for students in grade 1 – 6 and is located 120 km west of Höfn in Hofgarður, Öræfi. Tel: 478 1672. E-mail hofgard@eldhorn.is.

At the end of the school day students in grade 1 – 4 have the option of an extended attendance in Kátakot from 13:30 – 16:00 for a fee. Kátakot is open on regular school hours. Tel: 470 8448.

The Secondary School

The Secondary of Austur-Skaftafellssýsla (FAS) is located at Nýheimar, Litlubrú 1. The secondary school offers academic education but also vocational education in accordance to demand. Tel: 470 8070. Further information at: http://www.fas.is/.

The Music School

The Music School of Austur-Skaftafellssýsla has its headquarters in Sindrabær, Hafnarbraut 17. The school teaches musical instruments to children from age 7 up to secondary school level. Attendance is mandatory for children in 2nd and 3rd grade in Hafnarskóli. The music school has a subsidiary in Hofgarður, Öræfi. Tel: 470 8460. Further information at: www.hornafjordur.is/tonskoli

Library and Culture Center of Hornafjörður

The Library is housed in Nýheimar, Litlubrú 1. It loans out books in various languages, periodicals as well as audiobooks and other CDs. The staff assist with source and book searches. Access is to a computer, books in the network of libraries and a reading space. The Library has some operations going on such as story telling for children.

It is possible to order books by phone 470 8050 or by e-mail menningarmidstod@hornafjordur.is. Opening hours can be seen at www.hornafjordur.is/mannlif

Nýheimar also house The Culture Center of Hornafjörður which runs artistic events as well as the local museum. 

Sport facilities and associations

Höfn has good sport facilities in the center of town. It has a standard football pitch with running tracks, smaller indoor and outdoor synthetic football pitches, basketball court and a swimming pool with water slides, hot tubs and sauna. The sport hall is in the same area where sports are being taught during school hours. After school, the hall is open for sports activities for all ages. Also a gym can be visited and a golf course run by the local golf club.

The youth center Þrykkjan is operated at Hafnarbraut 30. It is open after school during the winter season.

Three congregations can be found in the municipality. The Evengalical Lutheran Church of Iceland, The Roman Catholic Church Diocese  and The Pentecostal Assembly. 

Social life in the municipality is strong, newcomers are greatly welcomed and everybody is encouraged to participate.  

Annual events

Various events are held annually in the municipality. The old tradition of Þorrablót, one of the most popular event in the municipality is held in in the beginning of Þorri (19th – 26th January). The Sailors Day is held on the first Sunday in June and Independence Day on the 17th of June with some events. The town festival of Humarhátíð (Lobster festival), which consists of numerous events and festivities has been held in recent years in the summer. Other events are held by clubs in the municipality. 

Commerce and services

The town of Höfn has various speciality stores and a supermarket in the shopping center Miðbær at Litlabrú. Additionally, services like a garage, hair and beauty saloons, a gym and more.

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