The Municipality of Hornafjörður welcomes new residents and wants to make access to information as equal as possible for everyone. On the front page of the municipality´s web page, you will find a translate flip where you can choose between several languages. 

When moving to Hornafjörður every individual of foreign origin gets a brochure right through the mail slot of their new address with practical information about living in Hornafjörður. If people need further assistance, they can schedule an appointment with the multicultural representative by calling 470-8000 and ask for Hildur or send an email to The municipality also has a multicultural council, if residents have ideas about how to improve services, access to information, events, etc. we would like to hear about it, please send an email to or

On the right side of this page, you will find a collection of information that might be useful, if you are a member of Facebook we recommend Living in Hornafjörður where you can seek information in English.