Music school

The music school of A-skaft. invites all children in the 3rd grade or above to begin musical education at the school. We teach various instruments and can lend children a number of them, mainly wind instruments. Enclosed are photos of the instruments we teach.

The musical education is organized so that a first year student has private lessons with their teacher twice to four times per week, 60 minutes in total.

In the mean time the student follows the teachers instructions to practise at home.

By the second year the extent of the education is greater and interplay is part of the studies. By the third year they begin studying music theory along with private lessons.

The school teaches one semester at a time and students pay a school fee according to the rate each semester. The leisure activity support (ísl. tómstundastyrkur) can be used for the musical education for up to kr. 50.000- per year.

Admittion to the school can be aapplied to at and click on „Umsóknarblað“.