Grants for after-school activities

Subsidy for after-school activities

Parents/Guardians of children aged 6-18 legally resident in Hornafjörður are entitled to a subsidy of up to 50.000 kr. This subsidy is paid when the child participates in sport, arts or music related activities outside of school and which are recognised in the NORI system. This includes all Sindri club sports as well as the School of Music classes( Tónskóli Austur-Skaftafellssýslu).

Bank receipts will no longer be accepted as proof of payment to receive the subsidy. It is necessary to register on NORI and remember to tick the box "nýta tómstundastyrk" to avail of the subsidy immediately when paying. Corrections are not possible afterwards, if the box is not ticked, however the subsidy may still be used at a later time or for another activity.

Please note the subsidy automatically expires if not used by Dec. 31st.

  1.  To access NORI, go to Click on "þjónusta"
  2.  Under "Ìþróttir og tómstundir" choose "Tómstundastyrkur".
  3. Click " tómstundastyrkur" in the black field.
  4. A new NORI window will open. This is where you sign in ,using either ÍSLYKILL or your electronic ID.
  5. Sign in now using ÍSLYKILL or electronic ID.
  6. When signing in for the first time it is essential to agree to terms and conditions. To do this, check the "Samþykkja skilmála" box and then click "ÁFRAM".
  7. A window will open with child's name listing all activities on offer. Click "skráning" to confirm your choice.
  8. his details chosen activity and cost. In this example the parent does not pay 15.000kr. because the "nota frístundastyrk Hornafjarðar" is ticked.
  9. The subsidy is applied immediately. Finally, agree to terms and conditions by ticking the box "Samþykkja skilmála" and then "ÁFRAM".