Grants for after-school activities

Sport- and leisure subsidy

The municipality of Hornafjörður offers parents of children aged 6-18 who have a legal residence in the municipality, a 50.000 ISK leisure grant per year. Parents of 5-year-old children are offered a grant of 10.000 ISK. The leisure grant can be used to pay in full, or in part, for sports, art, music school and/or other leisure activities that have been accepted into the municipality's Sportabler leisure grant system.

The leisure grant can only be used by registering the child through Sportabler, unused grants expire by the end of each year.

Registering a child to an activity after school

Signing up to Sindri´s sports club visit

Signing up to the music school or other activities organized by the municipality visit

OBS. When a child is registered for the first time, a new registration must be made, see instructions below.

1. Chose Innskrá í Sportabler (by clicking on the globe icon you can change the page to English)

2. when a window like the one below appears click on Stofna aðgang

3. Enter your email address (netfang) and ID number (kennitala) and click on Senda boð. Confirmation will be sent to your email address, open it and select a password. NOTE confirmation emails could end up in spam, junk or trash.

If you have problems with the registration, the staff at the school office or welfare department will be happy to assist you.