Announcement on Covid cases in Hornafjörður


As of now there are two active cases of covid in the municipality. The two infected individuals are from the same household. One of the infected is a teacher in the elementary school, which has led to the closing of the school for two days ( thursday the 24th of september and friday the 25th of september) while possible infections are being traced. 

Therefor all students and staff members are quarantined while tracking possible infections is underway. School management is keeping busy today tracking the movements of the infected teacher along side the epidemologist and the infection tracking team.

This situation has a reasonable affect on the community as a whole so it is important it is taken seriously. For that reason the decision to close the school for two days was taken last night. It is very likely that a number of teachers will be subject to quarantine as well as some students, that will be clearer on Friday. The infection tracking team is being kept busy as quite a number of cases all around the country have been confirmed in the last few days, therefor we do not know how quickly the tracking will be completed. It is expected that this situation will affect how the school operates next week though it is not clear in what way yet.

It is important that people keep their calm and work along side school management and the epidemologist. We want to bring to attention that even though students in the elementary school are quarantined, other family members are not. Individuals in quarantine are not infected and therefor not infectious. I urge you to read the instructions which can be found on the Directorate of health website They have instructions in a number of languages available.

Víðir Reynisson, chief superintendent of the civil defence department has instructed the citizens of Iceland to limit their interactions with other people as much as possible. The civil defence committe of Hornafjörður seconds his opinion and encourages people to take it easy over the next few days and pay special attention to personal disease prevention measures and proper social distancing, as well as contacting the local health care center in case of flu like symptoms.

We are all in this together and will take on this challenge with a calm demeanour. We send our best wishes of a speedy recovery to those infected.

Matthildur Ásmundardóttir, mayor