Information from The Directorate of Labour regarding quarantine payment.


From Tuesday May 5th, it will be possible to apply for quarantine payments from The Directorate of Labour.

Have you been quarantined? Have you cared for a child who has been quarantined? Did you not receive income for this period, or perhaps you are an employer or self-employed individual who is seeking information regarding your rights in this situation?

You are able find answers to these and other questions in ENGLISH at The Directorate of Labour’s website :

We encourage you to please read the information available on the directorate’s website BEFORE contacting the service center.

If, after READING the information on the website and you still have any queries regarding payments in quarantine, please send an e-mail in English or Icelandic to the address Due in heavy work-loads we request that patience be shown while waiting for a response.

Best Regards,

Directorate of Labour