Operation of the municipality impaired due to Covid 19


Tougher regulations on nationwide disinfection provisions take effect at midnight tonight. A gathering limit of 10 people will be the main change, children born 2015 or later are exempt from the limit.

The Hornafjörður municipality, like most other municipalities, is not excluded from the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the recommendations of the infectiologist (Memo) certain services of the municipality have been closed or limited. New regulations take effect at midnight and are valid for three weeks.

The following measures will be taken by the municipality to limit the number of confirmed cases and to protect at-risk groups.

  • The front desk at the municipality’s town hall will be closed. The phone is still operating and residents are reminded of electronic sites, residents site and email at afgreidsla@hornafjordur.is. Interviews and meetings in the town hall with external individuals are not permitted. Meetings will be held through teleconferencing equipment and phones.
  • Elementary schools will be closed until the 31st of march at least, when the ministry of education will give further instructions on the operation of schools.
  • Sjónarhóll preschool will remain open but parents are reminded of disease preventative measures when arriving at the school.
  • Sports activities are not permitted, the swimming pool, sports centre and gym are closed.
  • Ekran is open with crowd control.
  • Museums are permitted to stay open but no more than 10 people are allowed in at the same time.
  • Masks are mandatory and social distance rules are still two meters.

Lets respect these regulations to limit the risk of the pandemic spreading further.