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Polls for Municipal Elections


Information about polling stations and their opening hours.


The municipality of Hornafjörður



Polls for Municipal Elections


on May 14, 2022 will be as follows:

Constituency in Öræfi Hofgarður From 12:00*
Constituency II Suðursveit Hrollaugsstaðir From 12:00*
Constituency III Mýrar Holt From 12:00*
Constituency IV Nes Mánagarður From 12:00 to 22:00
Constituency V Höfn Heppuskóli From 09:00 to 22:00

*) Polls will close at their respective locations at the earliest opportunity, in accordance with Article 91 of Act No. 112/2021.

The Head Election Supervision Committee will be based in Heppuskóli on the election day.

Voters can expect to be asked to submit valid identification at the polling station.

The counting of votes begins at 22:00 that same evening at Heppuskóli.

Höfn, May 5, 2022

The Head Election Supervision Committee

Vignir Júlíusson

Hjördís Skírnisdóttir

Reynir Gunnarsson